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Rescheduling tasks to the date you want

I was asked by someone recently to help them get their task to be scheduled on the date they wanted. One thing xProcess doesn't give you (except for overhead tasks whose size is defined by their duration rather than the estimated effort) is the ability to state when a task should start and stop. This is what the auto-scheduler does, based on your estimates, constraints (e.g. dependencies on other tasks or specific dates), your priorities and your available resources. So what if you have a task which is not being scheduled when you think it should?Here's the checklist I gave my colleague:
If the task being scheduled toosoon you can add a constraint to the task by opening its editor (double-click) and selecting the “Constraints” where you can add the constraint (e.g. a dependency on another task or a “start after <date >” constraint).
It may be though that the task is being scheduled too late and you want it scheduled sooner. A quick and easy way to achieve this is to m…