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The New Action Mechanism

With the release of xProcess v3.5 we have implemented a new way of collecting data through Actions: (the Recursive Solution). Existing actions can still be used but those that have a tendency to generate large amounts of data may need to be rewritten in order to get the benefit of the new mechanism.

The following example reworks the Work Log for Person action.
In which ever Process you want to, create a new Action called 'Get DailyRecords for Person'. This will return a set of daily records in a date range and is the FetchSet Action. The first difference we see in v3.5 is that there is a new Editor for Actions. The Editor is split into three tabs: Editor tab – a text area for the OGNL Expression

Details Tab:

Action Name - the name of the action Applicable to - What it is applicable to (any element is the default) UI Action - should it appear on context menu for element its applicable to? On this tab a…