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What's in a process?

This is an interesting question - particularly when you're involved in building tools to support them!

In fact the processes behind most projects boil down to
what is to be done (tasks, activities, actions), what it is done with (resources, artifacts, tools) and what it is done for or to (products, artifacts and changed status). Processes can be modularized and if you want to support priority-driven planning - an essential benefit provided by xProcess - you need to build modules of your process - task patterns - around single units of stake-holder benefit (that is around single requirements).
A process need not just address task planning but also aspects such as
quality control,artifact management and templates (e.g. for requirements, issues, design and user documentation),
workflow (for notification of team participants and for integration with other tools in the environment such as accounting and tracker packages) and
human resources concerns such as the definitions of role and ski…