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Can we define custom fields for our tasks?

This a question that is often asked, and one that's important for many reasons but particularly where you are integrating the use of xProcess within an existing landscape of defined tools and processes.

Happily the answer is yes and there are a number of different ways to address the issue for different purposes. Firstly you can use the parameters available in pattern definitions, and use the values given to these parameters when user apply the patterns to set your own fields on elements of the pattern. You can also attach a UserDefinedSchema to a Task (or any other element) which enables editors to know what fields to expect even if they have not yet been set. The Task editor will show these fields in a separate tab entitled with the name you provide. Incidentally elements may hold data even it does not correspond to any current schema so you will not lose data even if UserDefinedSchemas change. You can use the fields you've defined in forms, reports, workflow and other defini…