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"Continuous Delivery" - Jez Humble and David Farley

What is the foundational idea in agile software delivery? For me at least it is the idea that requirements for change in a system can be delivered one by one. The implications of this idea are far reaching, not least in the ability to track how those requirements change as the world changes. Yet too often those seeking to change to agile miss the difficult step, the prerequisite without which the pay-off of agility is unattainable. They adopt a methodology that provides the framework for the  interaction of teams and business, tracking progress and quantifying velocity without seeing that the one-by-one idea has changed things (or it needs to change things) at a much more fundamental level. Without being able to integrate, test and deliver each of the myriad of small changes reliably and - most importantly - rapidly/cheaply, this idea is uneconomic. If we are building, integrating, testing and deploying systems manually we cannot do it for every small change. We have to revert to a ch…