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Why do organisations fail to achieve business agility?

Recently I was asked to participate in an Interview Series by Noopur Pathak of Innovation Roots, an Agile consultancy based in Bengaluru and several other cities. One of the questions she asked me was why organisations fail to achieve business agility.
Here's an excerpt from my reply.
 Do you want to be agile? There are many more reasons organisation fail to become agile than there are to succeed, but the first question to ask organisations is what they want to achieve. Is business agility one of those things? Because if you are in a very stable situation and you have very stable business, agility isn’t necessarily on the priority list of what must be achieved.

On the other hand, nearly all organisations – including those in industries we consider most stable, where nothing seems to have changed in decades – face the disruption of new ways of doing business, and innovators entering into their markets. It means everybody must think about the need to change… the need to change fast. …