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Training graduates in Software Engineering

When gaps in the Blog occur it's a clue something rather distracting is going on! For me it was a long (10 week) assignment in North Carolina training software graduates in the induction programme of a major financial institution. Both challenging and fun, it was also an opportunity to think about the future of the industry in a challenging business environment. To me it is clear that business models are changing so rapidly - frequently totally overturning only recently established major successes - that new approaches to business and software process will sweep through many traditional firms. We taught both agile and iterative-incremental lifecycles (with more emphasis on the latter). However I expect agile to be the only option on such programmes in years to come.
Although I've had less opportunity to participate in xProcess development, we've seen healthy activity on the project over the summer and new interest from projects. For more details check out the SourceForge si…