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Kanban's Survivability Agenda and Antifragility

A conversation on the kanbandevonline forum has triggered this post. The discussion concerns how evolutionary change is applied, particularly when the fitness landscape is changing to such a degree that large rather than small steps are needed to survive in the new competitive environment. It got me thinking that we must consider evolutionary change on more than one level if we want to address what the Kanban Method calls its Survivability Agenda.

The first mystery to consider is how evolution jumps across valleys in the fitness landscape. Seems to me there are 3 possibilities. You could make large leaps in what you think are promising directions. Doesn't sound a great idea because you're doing reasonably well as you are (different if you know you face an imminent existential threat, but it has the same likely outcome). You could wait for the peak you're climbing to decline in the fitness landscape, to the stage when small steps will move you off it. That's probably goi…