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Webinar July 6th - Essential Kanban: It's all about FLOW!

July 12th, 2018 Online Webinar. London: 1400; New York: 0900; Bangalore: 1830Customers are always saying "Why is not done yet?" and staff are always saying "We're too busy." But what's the real problem? Kanban has the key!   Sign up Now! Kanban is a way to visualise and manage your team's (and your organisation's) work, and the first crucial insight it brings is that it's the flow of work, not the busy-ness of staff, or the efficiency of each worker, that bring value to your customers and profitability to the business. This half-hour webinar introduces you to the foundational concept of Kanban - FLOW - and it will set you on the road to find out more. Don't miss it! Webinar duration: 30 minutes, plus questions and discussion This webinar is a great introduction to Kanban for those new to it, but also a great resource for those familiar with the method, and looking for a straightforward and short description of one of its key ideas. Why not invit…