Monday, September 18, 2006

Summer Fruit

Mmm - no postings in June July and August! Blogging just doesn't seem to have been on the agenda this summer. So what has been happening?

Actually a lot, and the benefits of all that work is now close to fruition. xProcess 2.5 is released in October and has a plethora of new features and user improvements that really are exciting. The headlines for the release mention Workflow, Graphical Process Modelling, Financials and Web Client. But in fact there is so much more, and I'm sure our current users will be delighted while new users will be surprised by the richness of functionality that's available through a much sparser user interface.

Even before the release I've been hitting the road again and showing selected customers the new direction and it's encouraging to hear the feedback. There's a lot to live up to. One customer gave us an outstanding accolade from his use of the existing version:
xProcess has freed me from fighting with a tool to make a plan, and instead given me direct visibility of our progress against plan, allowing me to get on with my job of project managing. (John Andrews, iiPay,
Thanks John. That's very much what we've set out to do. I think you'll find this new version takes you further down that road.

A lot of new stuff in version 2.5 is focused on enabling our OEM partners and larger customers to build more integrated process improvement and project planning environments. Workflow let's notification flow round the company, as well as receiving and issuing updates to other tools in the environment like issue trackers, requirements repositories and test tools. The Financials package allows integration with accounting tools and the Web server and client means that pages can built that show xProcess data and allow it to be updated by authorized users. Expect to see some exciting developments in this department over the coming months.

Overall it's been a fruitful summer... even if the harvest is yet to come!
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