Saturday, February 24, 2007

Action stations

One of the most powerful aspects of xProcess is its flexibility and configurability. Processes are defined in terms of patterns: for example project patterns, task patterns and artifact patterns. Configurable enough. However you can do much more to enhance these and make them easier to use, by using xProcess Actions. These are bits of "OGNL" code that do things when xProcess is working. They can be triggered by user actions, by instantiating a pattern, by workflow or a number of other events.

For example Sam DerKazaryan of Isobar Global asked me recently for an Instantiation Action to increment the issue number on newly created issues. For those of you who like a spot of programming with their process engineering, here's the code snippet that does it...

#root = getPersistenceHelper().getRootExchangeElementContainer(),
#counter = #root.getIntProperty("currentCounterValue"),
#counter = #counter + 1,
setName("Issue " + #counter),
#root.setIntProperty("currentCounterValue", #counter)

Note: you need version 2.7.2 of xProcess or later to run this code.
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