Monday, May 22, 2006

Interview with Artima: Planners and "Do-ers" (AUDIO)

JavaOne is all about meeting people and finding the connections between what they are doing and your own work. This was brought home to me when I spent some time talking to Frank Sommers and Bill Venners, who are editors of the Artima Developer site, while they were recording interviews with vendors of innovative technology at JavaOne. You can hear their interview with me by clicking on this link... Audio file.

Many of the developers that I met at the show immediately denied they had anything to do with project management, which they associated with people who drew charts and manipulated budgets but rarely interacted effectively with the teams they were working in. It was very clear that the kind of synchronized connection between planners and "do-ers" that xProcess supports finds a strong resonance with such developers. It's a solution with a corresponding problem that's high on a lot of people agendas right now. Maybe that's why traffic on our site hit an all time high during last week and downloads of the free Personal Edition of xProcess are growing exponentially.

The interview by the way lasts 5 minutes 20 seconds and is available as an MP3 pod-cast.
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